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Standard y apariencia del Sagrado de Birmania

Few cats have been soul carriers, temple guardians, holy men’s oracles, and blessed with the looks of a God from the Ancient Times. The Birman's almost magical look is hard to be ignored and his deep blue longing gaze will capture your heart for eternity. According to the standard, the birman is a semi-longhaired, colour pointed cat with white gloved paws.

Overall: His awesome, imposing appearance is a magnet to all eyes. The Birman cat possesses a strong structure with a firm, elongated body. It is a medium-sized cat with a weight that varies between the 3 and 6 kg. Females tend to be more delicately built with definitively feminine traits.


Head: The skull is slightly rounded with medium to small separated ears in harmony with the rest of his appearance. The nose is medium long, slightly to highly roman shaped. Chin is firm and the expression is sweet but still having the feline gaze.           

cachorro de sagrado de birmania


Eyes: of very intense deep blue, slightly rounded, expressive and captivating. For those who know their Birman you will see the his soul reflected in them.                       


Coat: Birmans have a semi long haired white or light beige coat that tends to become golden with age.  The fur is silky in texture and easily groomed due to the absence of undercoat, hence does not mat. In cold weather they usually grow a lovely frill around their heads. The colour points (mask, tail, legs, and ears) vary in colour from pitch black to vibrant orange, passing from solid to striped. (See colour description).


Gloves: Very distinctive of the breed and in show cats you can see an almost perfect symmetry in their 4 gloves. They also have two laces (shaped like an inverted white V) on the hind leg hocks.


Shamandu tends to work with diverse bloodlines  to create a unique amalgam that matches both the FIFe standard and also our personal taste.                

  guantes, patitas del sagrado de birmania