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Birman Cats Acquisition information

Availability - Waiting List


Shamandu is a small scale hobby breeding cattery and we do not always have as many kittens to satisfy all the requests, however we manage a waiting list  that gives you priority when your dream kitten is born. We assure you that the wait is worth it!                    

Cachorro Sagrado de Birmania - Craidero Shamandu

Visting Shamandu


Usually our kittens are introduced to society when they turn two month old and are able to be reserved at that time. For this you will need to arrange a prior visit.
Since you will be able to be in close contact with all our cats, there will be some sanitary measures taken. We hope you understand and forgive the small inconveniences.


Papers, Contract, and Guarantee


Shamandu is the Argentine cattery pioneering in the use of a legal sales contract to preserve the cat's well-being, as well as establishing rights and obligations for the new owner and ourselves (the breeder). All Shamandu kittens have a written health guarantee.

They are adopted with the registration papers, transfer and updated health booklet, plus a folder with basic instructions and recommendations for the baby’s upbringing.

We are willing to fulfill your veterinarian’s specific requirements (testing, additional checkups) as we hope to always offer healthy kittens to provide joy and satisfaction to the new adopting families.


Adoption Age - Early Spay/Neuter


Shamandu babies are usually ready to leave for their new home at around 14-16 weeks old. The Argentine Feline Association (AFA) and FIFe do not allow a departure prior to kittens being 12 weeks of age and fully vaccinated (two doses).
At Shamandu we take care of the spaying/neutering and post-surgical recovery hence tend to delay the departure period for a couple of weeks.

(See information about Early Spay Neuter)


Early Spay/Neuter Information


Due to the numerous concerns about the early spay neuter procedure, and besides being of common practice in Europe and USA and other continents for many decades, after our own experience we can say that:


  1. The surgical procedure is less traumatic for a kitten and his physical and emotional recovery is surprisingly faster.
  2. You will minimize the risk of mammary gland cancers, uterine infections (pyometras) and other reproductive problems in females.
  3. You will not have to deal with sexual behaviours (unrelenting restless meowing, urine territory marking, attempts to escape) and will minimize the risk of infectious diseases spreading such as Feline Aids, Feline Leukemia, among others fatal illnesses.
  4. Finally you are already relieved of the post-surgical care taking as we do it for you.


Help us to educate and eradicate these false myths


  1. The early spay neuter can generate urinary problems.
  2. FALSE it has been proven that the urethral development is the same for early neutered males as those that aren’t.

  3. Early spay/neuter hinders normal growth as to produce smaller sized cats.
  4. FALSE it has been established that early spayed/neutered cats are actually a few millimeters higher as their limb bones will continue to grow a bit more time than in none castrated cats.

  5. Early spay /neuter increases obesity risk.
  6. FALSE it has been proven that cats that have been spayed/ neutered have less incidence of obesity.

  7. A female feline can only be spayed after her first heat/kitten litter:
  8. FALSE, a sexually mature female has higher health risks. While in heat she undergoes stress and therefore becomes more susceptible to reproductive system infections as well as mammary gland cancer.


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