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shamandu Family
Cachorro Sagrado de Birmania - Craidero Shamandu


Shamandu Occhi de Luna - Daddy Javier

It all started when I told a friend: “I want a birman kitten as pet”
He has watched my beating around the bush regards this issue and took the decision to go straight to Shamandu. I still remember it was a rainy evening of a week day. A while later he calls and says: “I found her!”
Ok, I answered and we arragned to see her on the weekend but under one condition I said: “you don’t tell me which one it is, I want to choose her”. And so we did, on the next Saturday we went to the northern suburbs of Buenos  Aires and as soon as I entered the home of these angels I saw myself literally surrounded by these beauties. There were of all sizes (different ages of course) and I was immediately drawn to a beautiful baby that was playing alone in one corner. I went up to her, took her in my arms and since that day we never got apart again, not physically nor emotionally.
Our affection is very strong and she is a great partner.
She sleeps at my side, I endure her “Love attacks” at any hour of the daybreak (she overwhelms me with kisses),  she shares with me my shaving and waits patiently until I finish, as to “attack” the tap and drain out the last drops of water. She waits until I finish my breakfast to clean my cereal/yogurt bowl and the nicest is that she always awaits me behind the door to greet me after a long day at work, achieving that I relax and we start to play.
Summing up, Luna is one of the nicest experiences of my life. Greetings to the Great Shamandu Family.



Shamandu Take it Easy - Parents Carina and Pablo

Tita came unexpectedly to our lifes, alter the absurd and inexplicable departure of our other beloved birman, Paca.
Tita is a permanet company and a live plush animal. She gets along great with our 20 month old daughter. She looks for her and  then she settles in some place where our daughter cannot reach her but still can see her. The relationship between them  is optimal and we have achieved that our daughter respects her and tends not  to tear at her tail or mustaches like little children like to do.
Her purrs are little engines. She is the sweetest and most social girl ever. She sleeps with us, awaits us behind the door when we go out and she loves to play with little paper balls. Actually she has many doggie attitudes due to the things she does. She likes to spend time with us, she doesn’t isolate herself from the family activities. She is a very sweet bombon. An unapralleled companion.



Shamandu Candy Cotton - Mommy Cristina

Living  with a Shamandu:
It is  an unexplainable experience, like love itself, you just can sense and live it day by day.
In fact, their qualities are infinite cause their miaows are more than words, their company is more than love, their demonstrations are more than caress in the soul and their beauty is a divine gift…to know exactly how it feels, it tales only to share life with them…and be able to see with the soul eyes the mystic way the sun shines over them all…



Shamandu Valiant King - (aka Toribio aka Michu ) - Daddy Alberto

Having a little  Shamandu birman... it is very easy to identify the feeling of what this means but it definitively is not to find the words as it is all related to Emotions and Feelings.
If someone don’t get a daily smile triggered by their kitty , there must be something very but very bad  going on in his life. Everyday he will get you smiles, laughter and joy. They are very ingenious, daring and cute. Even the mischief they do and some little “destruction” will make you smile.
I have had the luck to live with pets and it is my first time that I have a feline, in this case a Shamandu Birman. I never thought that there could be a little animal as loving and adorable. Their tenderness is inconmensurate. He is a companion and even a buddy.

I can tell you that Toribio, who we call Michu (his nick name) loves to go out in the car (he is the first to get in when he sees the door open), he likes to go sailing, he comes with me to the cafeteria (to the tables on the sidewalk of course) and spreads all his body out on the table, while I have my coffee.
Now we are starting to learn to ride the motorcicle, which seems to atract him a lot. I can thell also that he is very intelligent and realizes everything that happens in his surroundings.
But, if you are not willing to dedicate at least 10 minutes of your time, exclusively to him on arrival, then you will have serious concience troubles. He will find the way to make it clear about his pretensions and the price you will have to pay for having been “absent” during the whole labour day. Toribio will chase you on every step, literally speaking, as to play one of his favorite games: Hide and Seek and Scare me... yes exactly like you are reading it.
Actually the presence of a Shamandu birman will always be one of those things you will always keep in mind.



Shamandu Dream Delight - Parents Darío and Susana

What an honour to be able to write a fue lines about our Dada and how difficult... Before all I want to say that Diana has made us the gift of our lives, for which we have no words enough of gratitude, and her dedication and love we have seen in her home is magic and having visited other catteries, this is unique. I still remember that Dada was a bit older than usual kittens for adoption are, but  when we went to meet him Diana called him by his name and the chubby boy came down the stairs and it is to the  day that we are still convinced that he is a little “person” more than a cat and this is the major praise we can give Shamandu and her breeder. Dada is a little sun ray, he is always there, very sensitive especially when you need him most he will comfort you with his purrs. Reading the new homepage we have to agree they are little Shamans! It is also true that he is a sublte enslaver and gets his wishes. Darío would have never allowed that Dada slept in our room.... but imagine where he sleeps today? ;-) Dada has managed to become a computer assistant, a guest at our table, a desk reorganizor and all with a facial expression thus angelical that he gets away with all his mischief.
What we also want to mention that Diana is there for us 24/7 and keeps us always informed about news, advice, funny stories... She has also become part of our lives.
One little word, tiny but with all the heart of this family that loves, serves, adores, worships their kitty and congratulates his breeder... THANKS!



Shamandu Diamond in the Rough & Shamandu Fantagiro (aka Sol) - Nora

Why is a Shamandu baby special?

Generally, every cat lover knows that cats are extremely sensitive creatures. Going even a bit deeper, the Sacred Birman gathers all the conditions to be THE CAT by excellence due to his distinction, stance, captiving beauty, refinement, sweetness, balanced character, sweet voice, etc. And because he will follow us around the house almost all the time. This is what all openly declared lovers of this breed know.


However... a Shamandu kitten will generate a real A- dic- tion. And all the Shamandu Parents  know it, why?
The first time I saw the babies I could already tell that they did not know cages, they are free in their home because their movements were different, their plays and their attitudes happy and unworried. They are not fearful and they show the love and extreme care they get from the bigger Shamandu mom (Diana). With her generosity and unselfishness she offers us, the parents, a whole guide of cares that we have to remember to keep our cats healthy and happy.


A Shamandu Baby or adult is “charmed”. It is like living with an angel. When they look into your eyes and hold the gaze, those eyes of heaven go deep into the heart and will open it wide apart getting the best out of us every day.


A Shamandu Baby, is special and then  IS a special adult and will make his human guardian and protector a better person, because the kitty will share with him every day what he has gotten from his craddle: care, love, proteccion and health.


All the attention we give them has the biggest of rewards when they honour us with their sweet companionship, sleeping on our chest, purring into our ears or waking us in the morning with kisses and when they hold the look giving us strength to face the new day with their contagious joy.

This is the daily blessing of being accompanied in life by a Shamandu Baby.

Is there anything else to know that they are special babies?



Shamandu Obsession (aka Camila) – Mommy Delia

Thanks Diana for the lovely Camila from Shamandu. She brought to me and Manu tenderness and joy.
We feel privileged to share our home and our live with our beloved Camila.



Shamandu Chiara - Parents Analía and Karl

Chiara has been an important fixture in our lives since she arrived at our door. Chiarita was a birthday gift for me and it was the best gift I ever received.

Chiara has brought a lot of love and tenderness to our lives. She is the sweetest kitty in the world. Chiara is never in a bad mood. She always greets us at the door when we come into the house. She rolls around the floor like a puppy waiting for her belly rub.

She never throws a fit when I give her a bath and she loves the hair dryer and brushing.

When we take her outside to a park she follows us and even plays fetch. I think she believes that she is a doggie!

When we are away from her, Analia and I miss her terribly. She behaves like a lady. She never complains, she does not make a mess when she eats or poops. She does not even destroy furniture. She loves her scratch post and loves sleeping. She has never scratched or bitten anyone ever. All of this speaks very well of her breeder Diana. I have never seen a breeder treat her animals so humanly as Diana and it reflects on all of the kittens and cats that she places. We are very fortunate to know Dianna and we maintain a great friendship to this day.

Shamandu Arabella & Mijaggi - Mommy Martha

In the following lines I will tell you something about my birmans Mijaggi and Arabella. Mijaggi is my five year old baby and I mean "Baby" because like a little kitten, he still maintains the charm and innocence as from the first day. When I met him I was looking for a ragdoll or a birman, because I thought both breeds of exceptional beauty, in  fact a few days before I went to see some ragdolls, but before deciding I contacted Diana and her birmans... at that time she had 30 old days kittens, that could not leave her home yet. Then she mentioned she had an 8 month old seal point... It was love at first sight!. And still today I am convinced that I could have not chosen any better, excellent buddy, faithful, playful and beautiful, a King! how he is called in y family; and after 4 years of being a singleton, 3 month ago arrived Arabella, a little five month old blue tabby princess of Di's Shamans, it was sincerely an huge joy and priviledge to share our lives with her. Bella came at a tough moment for us (few days after her arrival we found out that my 14 year old dobermann suffered from hepatic cancer) however the baby kitted adapted perfectly well and together with Mijaggi they share both their plays and naps.
Maybe like every legend, there is always something true in them, but believe it or not birmans are special kitties that have something angelic and I am sure their name is not just casual. Thanks Shamandu for breeding this magnificent creatures sharing love and beauty!! Purrever Martha.



Shamandu Lovely Lady Chocolate aka Maus- Mommy Edith


Mrs. Brown was the name that queen Victoria adopted to go out for a horseride after the death of prince Albert. The queen used to leave in company of the horse caretaker (in this case siamese Ciro) something that caused her serveral unfounded problems with her family. Even the momunet she dedicated to him was demolished by her offspring after her death. Maus, my first birman experience, has a queen "allure", a firm based character, but she is disciplined, tranquil and silent. She is a very clean cat, which gives her adavantages over other longhaired breeds; besides the hairs she swallows whilst grooming are periodically eliminated in form of a string acompanied by a bit of saliva, this is called regurgitation and not vomit. Her attitude is mayestic and motivates me to call her in third pronoun Mrs. Brown and she has earned a 3 story scratchtree, with a galleria and columns at the base level, a little house on the second level and a viewing platform for the roof, plus 3 pending toys to play. Since she is with me I am a "fan" of the bree and would be very happy to own several. Worth an honor mention to her breeder for the security I feel thanks to her advice and prudent but permantent contact, with all her knowledge and permantent informative enrichment.