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Machos Sagrados de Birmania

Tresor Bleu Ranma

Chocolate Tabby Point

Hembras Sagrados de Birmania

Shamandu Kayla My Cutie

Lilac Point

S* Backkaras Amber

Red Tabby Point

Shamandu Passion of the Night

Lilac Point


Some of these retired birmans have left an unforgettable pawprint in our hearts, souls and the future generations of Shamandu and therefore we want to homenage them here with this page. Some of them are still at home and some have found beautiful furrever homes…


US*Taron`s Whisper of Love

D* Irish Coffee von Sechseichen

Shamandu Crystal Smoke

Shamandu Kalel My Superboy

AUS* Shakandah Charming Knight

Myingyan Gems Alelluya

Myingyan Gems Alelluya

Prince Charming - Macho Birmano
 AUS * Shakandah Moonlight  Lace

Prince Charming - Macho Birmano
Shamandu Prince Charming

DK* Song Hio Guardian Angel



Shuhai Sinh Tigrin


Here you can meet those kittens we keep under observation as to see if they will join our breeders.

Miracle Legacy

Chocolate Tortie Point