News about our cattery and birmans availability
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Crianza de nuestros gatos birmanos

Since we have been lately seeing our cat's pictures used by backyardbreeders or similar in some websites we want to emphazise that our CATS/BABIES will NEVER be offered at auction, sell by clicking sites, etc. We have a serious selection process for adoptees which is only accomplished by personal contact. Please let us know if some unethical people use our pictures as our photos have copyright. Thank you.

We have NEW PHONE and MOBILE number. Please check it out at the Contact page. Sadly our club has not the diligence/will to update our information so we are glad you could look it up here :-).

We have two gorgeous neutered birmans available for adoption. They are looking for a home together. Other adults are available too. Contact us for more information.

Due to a glitch we lost all our beautiful Guestbook messages from 2010. We invite you to leave us a post again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.


We have lovely adults looking for great selected furrever homes. Contact us.

We have updated our web-link page. Should you like to be added please contact us.