Meaning of Shamandu - Shamandu Cattery - Sacred Cat of Burma
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Name Meaning

The origin of our cattery name comes from the combination of the term Shaman (or Chaman) and the preposition YOU (in german= DU) to synthesize the bond that develops between a Birman and his human.


Shamans are soul and spirit healers and they achieve it through energy balance. They remove negative energies (caused by emotional distress, stress, injuries, shock, etc.) or they balance preexisting ones, being themselves immune to the harmful effects of the former described energies. Felines are specially known for their ability to convert energies, contrary to dogs who can only absorb them. The cat is usually attracted to negative energies and can “metabolize” them through rest/sleep without getting sick. This turns him into a great physical and emotional healer. There are many studies that support the psycho-physical benefits of living with a cat, starting from lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attacks, up to relieving stress or other pathologies related to depression, panic attacks, or grief.


Under this point of view the Birman could be considered a “shaman” since they have an extraordinary intuition and perception; moreover, anyone who gets charmed by the soft purring of one of these magical cats will be able to assess the benefits of their “healing power”.


Shamans also possess the power to bind with a power animal spirit, as to become one with its Being and share its power and wisdom. This way any person that decides to share his life with a Birman can swiftly develop a very close bond with his feline as the Birman has the gift to caress the soul.  And with his unwavering gaze his face becomes highly expressive, which leads to a beautiful emphatic relationship between human and cat.

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