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Shamandu Cattery Birman Cats

Shamandu Birmans

Small Hobby Cattery where cats are treated as spoiled family members


We hope you enjoy the fascinating journey through the Shamandu website.  Let yourself be charmed by the marvellous, mystic, and milenary World of the Sacred Birman Cat by opening the doors to our feline home and enjoying our history with these enchanting Birman cats.  And finally, be seduced by the magic faces of our baby kittens.


We hope to convey our passion and devoted love for these feline shamans whilst sharing our home with them. Their amazing ability to caress the soul and heal the spirit, while being embraced by the soft purring of one of our Birman kittens, is an experience we hope you can feel soon.


We invite you to start with a trascendental flight to the Far East, cradle of the romantic legend that describes the origin of the Birman, to later get deeply into the magical Being of the Sacred Birman Cat; his almost heavenly beauty, gentle character, and ancient wisdom…


We will share with you how the dream of Shamandu came true, a Breeding Project supported by the strong belief in the spiritual healing power of pets.  Therefore we never lose the ideal to honour every Birman cat, offering him unconditional love, time, and space as any pampered pet deserves. We share our home with a small number of breeding cats of excellent quality and carefully selected internationally linage.  We do not use cages and our exquisite kittens are specially treasured for their health, beauty, and temperament.


Following the journey you will meet the blue eyes, ethereal coats, and angelic faces of our Birman cats and their precious babies… future talismans for carefully selected families that will join our Big Shamandu Family forever.


Entering our photo gallery you will enjoy many images of the daily Shamandu lifestyle and our special moments with the shaman cats and the facilities.


We would feel pleased and honored if you would leave us your comments in the Guestbook or send us any other suggestion via e-mail, since Shamandu is always working to improve the quality and service exclusively for you…


Thank you for visiting us and come back soon….


Diana Wahrlich
"Shamandu Birmans: The Cat in gloves that will catch your soul”