Shamandu Birmans´s History - Shamandu Cattery - Sacred Cat of Burma
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Shamandu is a dream that came to fruition in 2000, but started to take shape with the adoption of our first pet Birman kitten called Neptuno on 14th February, 1996.

As an omen, Nepi arrived in my life on the Valentine’s Day as the most irresistible Valentine, sowing the seeds of love and immeasurable passion for the Birman breed.


After several years of learning allopathic and alternative feline medicine, plus having a great interest in animal therapy, the idea of the Shamandu project started to take shape.

In 1999-2000 our first breeding cats arrived from USA, Germany, and Denmark to start a small breeding stock of excellent quality and innovative color varieties, always with the ground fundaments of opening the gene pool too.


After almost a decade of sharing and breeding these feline beauties, the rewards are countless... from show successes up to beautiful gratifying relations with our happy and proud Shamandu Parents of our little charming kittens.

Neptuno - Nuestro Primer Birmano