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Salud Del gato Birmano

The Birman cat is a healthy, robust, and generally long lived for being a cat of  royal bloods and linage. However, as with every breed, there are certain aspects that require a bit of a special attention:  


Respiratory System: The Birman is not a particularly delicate cat in this aspect but it is important to protect him from abrupt temperature changes and heavy air drafts.


Kidneys: The Birman kidneys usually should be treated gently with adequate nutrition of the highest quality. Though the breed does not have a specific inherited disease, some studies (Dr. Danielle Gunn Moore) show that there is a relatively slight increase of normal renal values in Birmans as well as a reduced size in a perceptible percentage of the breed.

  caracter del sagrado de brimania


Anesthetics, Sedatives and Similar Drugs: The Birman cat has a certain susceptibility to some drugs and therefore we recommend a very cautious and graduated use of the former mentioned ones. Consider also as mandatory the use of a IV fluids after any surgery or deep sedation.


Trichobezoars (hair balls): as any longhaired or semi-longhaired cats, Birmans tend to have hairballs during shedding season. They usually bring them up without major problems, however it is wise to make sure they accomplish elimination satisfactorily.  


The maintenance of the Birman is relatively easy; a weekly grooming is easy due to the silkiness and fluffyness of his coat that does not mat. Of course, like all purebred cats, he will need high quality nutrition according to his age.