Shamandu Birmans - Cattery´s Facilities - Sacred Cat of Burma
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Cattery Facilities

Our entire house is available for the cats, which of course led us to modify some aspects of a normal house  to let them enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle with lots of freedom, but with many safety measures and clean conditions.

Criadero de BirmanosInstalaciones del Criadero - Sagrados de BirmaniaAlimentación de Gatos


Our cats also have access to the outdoor facilities at will…



Initially (in the year 2002) Shamandu built two lovely separate outruns on the tiled terrace which the cats could access freely through cat flaps… We also got a small portable enclosure so that the babies could also safely enjoy the sunshine, air, and  nature.

Exteriores - habitat de los gatos

In 2004 we decided to combine the whole terrace, turning it into a big outrun with the possibility of dividing it into 3, 2, or 1 section according to our needs. We also installed a frontal shade so that the cats could enjoy the outdoors even on very hot and sunny summer days.

Finally in 2006-7 we started our last project to secure the rest of the garden for the cats to enjoy even more space and freedom in the most natural environment we could provide.



And this is how our cats enjoy their new space, finally finished…