Birman Cats - Cattery Objetives and Responsiblity - Sacred Cat of Burma
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Shamandu is a small, FAMILIAR  hobby cattery registered with the Argentine FIFe affiliated association and is exclusively dedicated to the Birman breed relying on a single premise: All our cats are raised with the heart, emphasizing the following objectives: health, well-being, temperament and beauty (in this order).


Of course our main goal is to guarantee any new Shamandu parents a kitten in excellent condition that will bring to them lots of joy, love, and satisfaction during a long life.


Shamandu is a cattery governed by the following ideals and principles.


Striving for a healthy immune system: We have the strong believe that matings between close related cats are not beneficial to a strong and healthy immune system. Therefore we have made great efforts to select and import our breeders. Therefore every kitten that leaves our cattery does it with a written health warranty and we are willing to do any test that you or your veterinarian might require as long as it is reasonable for the kitten's age.


Creating an excellent sanitary environment:  This is closely related to the health and well-being issues, therefore we try to minimize feline stress and will take all the prevention and control measures possible to raise our babies in a healthy environment. All our cats have been tested against FIV, FELV and are free of ringworm.


Working towards the cats well-being (we do not cage our cats): we simply cannot conceive a cat living in a cage (except for short times due to medical recommendations or requirements).  Therefore our home has been fully adapted and made safe as to share with them in peace, harmony, and happiness in every aspect of our daily life.
As a FIFe registered cattery, we are obliged to offer at least 6 sqm times 1.8 m height for each cat, a condition we consider a minimum level to guarantee a cats well-being in a cattery.  Therefore we respect and go beyond that requirement.


Shamandu values life above everything: our cats and kittens are at first living beings, equal to any other living creature including the human. They are valued for themselves as unique, individual and wonderful life companions.


Shamandu Kittens will always be part of the Shamandu Family: we assume the responsibility for the quality of life our kittens enjoy while they share their time here on Earth with us.  Therefore, if by any cause or for whatever reason our kittens have to return to our home, they will always be welcome with an open heart and open arms.


Breeding Ethics and Responsibility


Many times we have met people that have an almost dreadful image of “breeders/catteries”.  Therefore at Shamandu we want to stress our ethical and moral commitment as breeders and towards our cats as well as to the owners of our babies.

I have always considered my cats as life companions first and foremost, and as breeders secondary. This is the main reason why my point of view of ethical and responsible breeding might have some unique nuances.


My view is that a responsible breeder is one that seeks to improve the breed as an overall objective, with impeccable sanitary management and a thoughtful selection based on the health, beauty, and character of  the breeding cats. A responsible breeder is the one that seeks to guarantee that every cat he brings into this world will have a dignified quality of life and be the source of happiness.  A responsible breeder is  one that keeps his animals in excellent sanitary conditions, giving them   love and attention.  A responsible breeder is not money driven but rather is love-oriented towards the breed and his cats.  A responsible breeder offers health guaranties and establishes rights and obligations to each party involved in the adoption of a kitten (himself and the adoptee) and can reject a sale if he knows that the adopting family is not suited for the kitten and has no hesitation in reorienting future owners to a better choice. A responsible breeder is one that knows his limits and doesn’t exceed these, and respects the rules and codes of breeding ethics.  And finally, a responsible breeder is the one one that works honestly with pedigreed cats only and who sells kittens with their rightful registration and pedigree.