Coat Colors - Sacred Cat of Burman Cattery
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Coat Color - Sacred Cat of Burma

The magnificent fur of the Birman cat is especially flamboyant for having a semilong hair without the undercoat, yet a Siamese colour pattern with an exquisite touch of 4 immaculate white gloves. The colour point pattern is characterized as having colour in the coldest body parts (ears, mask, tail, and extremities) and  a white-beige caramel veil on the rest of the body.


The colour varieties of the breed are defined by the colour of the points.    


The 6 basic colours are:

Seal Point: points are almost black
Blue Point: points are dark gray. It is the diluted colour of the seal point.

Chocolate Point: points are dark but warm brown.
Lilac Point: points are very light gray with a almost pinkish tinge. It is the diluted colour of the chocolate point.

Red Point: points are bright orange.
Cream Point: points are of a light caramel-beige colour. It is the dilute colour of the red point.


Tabby/Lynx Variants: the basic colours with an additional striped pattern. Generally tabbies have stripes on their legs, tail, and on the forehead an “M” can be distinguished. They also have a small white ribbon under their pink nose leather and white lines around their eyes and the inner border of the ears.


Tortieshell Variants (tricoloured): are the first 4 basic colours with patches either in red (with dense colours) or cream (with dilute colours). The patch design can be very bold or almost imperceptibly subtle. Generally they are females. There are some tortie males but they are due to an anomaly in the chromosome division and they are usually unfertile.


AVANT GARDE Colours: Some vanguards breeders have initiated experimental breeding programs to broaden the colour rainbow including silver, golden, cinnamon, and fawn.