Breeding at Shamandu Cattery - Sacred Cat of Burma - Birman Cats
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Breeding Birman Cats method


At Shamandu, Birmans enjoy freedom and exceptional comfort. We do not use cages and share a complete life with our cats as family members, integrating them to all our household daily activities.


The Shamandu Mommies enjoy a close monitoring of their pregnancy with ultrasounds that allow as to meet our future babies, listen to their little heartbeats, and enjoy theirintrauterine activities.

Crianza de Birmanos - Criadero Shamandu


Our babies are raised underfoot with constant human contact since they are born, which makes them especially loving and trusting.  They usually spend their first weeks of life with their mom in our bedroom, and therefore know the benefits of a nap on a feather pillow, hours of exclusive TLC and interactive games.


Once immunized with their first shots and litter trained, the babies join the feline group getting access to other areas of the home including the outdoor facilities


At Shamandu we do not force wean the babies.  This happens naturally, as we consider that there is no better food for a baby than mommy’s milk. Besides we consider that there is no better teacher to socialize kittens than their mom.

Once they reach 4 months, our little Birman angels will be ready to hug you with their purrs and become part of  their new family.