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Birman Cats Behavor

Among the many feline breeds, the Birman stands out because of being sweet, pleasant, gracious, sociable, trusting, and gentle. The Birmans are relatively calm cats with a refined soft voice, adorable life companions and are loyal to their owners. They long for human attention. Birman cats are playful and moderately active. They have a very special quality… they hold their gaze, capturing your soul.

They are very intelligent and easy to educate and they even have been compared to dogs.  Treated with sweetness and patience, there is no trick that a Birman won’t learn… more than one Birman fetches and brings his toy to his owner like a dog would do with a ball.


  caracter del sagrado de brimania

The beautiful Birman has a magnanimous, noble, and elegant stance. A Birman cat needs love and his owners' attention and there is no better experience than loving interaction. Treated with kindness and respect, there is no bigger reward than the divine love of a Birman.


Birman cats are patient and tolerant of children.  They like to get involved in almost all of his owners' and family's home activities.  If these turn out to be too active he will subtly retire for a calm nap.