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About Us

My name is Diana and although I have bachelors degree in Business Administration I have always been an animal lover.  Since my early years, I always rescued any baby, puppy, or little orphaned animal that I could find.


My animal loving nature and the respect towards every living being was something I owe to my mother, who is as big animal lover as I am, and who patiently accepted any new member I could add to our family.
I spent most of my childhood and adolescence on the countryside at our little farm where there was always an opportunity to add some kind of unfortunate pet to our lives.


This is how I learned at very young age that animals in general, and (more recently that) Birmans in particular, are unconditional in their affection.  Not only do they enrich the life of their human companions but can also contribute to our health.


And their unconditional love, the charming gaze, the emotional support these heavenly felines can offer are the main reasons that motivated me to breed them.  This allows me to share the immense treasure and richness Birmans have brought to my existence.


However, Shamandu could not be the well-known and well-recommended cattery without the unconditional support of my family and all the professionals who watch over the well-being and the health of our precious Birmans.


We also thank all those breeders that have trusted us with their babies, often from far away countries (even opening their homes to us), trusting that we would offer them a loving and worthy home. And of course, we thank all the Shamandu Parents that fully share their lives and love with our babies.


Therefore we want to explicitly express our infinite respect and gratitude to all of them!